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What Else???

Brad and Eddy's Creepy or Crunchy Eggs®
By Eddy and Brad

After a cookout one rainy afternoon, Brad and I asked ourselves, "What's missing from these deviled eggs?" The answer was there in seconds. The Crunch. Your run-of-the-mill cookout style deviled eggs are missing the crunch. So what do you add? Our first inclination was to throw some bacon bits into the mix. But that wasn't enough. We brainstormed. Rocks - no, people would be mad. Carrots - ehhh, just wasn't gonna do it. Potato chips - sure, maybe.

We thought and thought and thought. Then sky lit up. Lightning stuck the truck and bam! We had it! Deep-fry the mothers. Everything tastes good deep-fried. So we asked a few folks and the reaction was negative. So we asked Kenny a Canadian and a cook. He too was not so for the idea (see the Creepy or Crunchy E-mail Correspondence) "Screw them all!" we said.

We moved ahead with the idea, started prototyping (check out the exiting Prototyping Photos), and day-by-day we were closer to the final product. Brad and Eddy's Creepy or Crunchy Deviled Eggs® made their debut at the VI Annual Kloth Family Pig Roast. Initially, the reaction to the eggs was skeptical, but one taste and folks were asking when they would be in their nearest grocer's freezer section. One day everyone will be enjoying our (or some bastards' generic rip-off) Creepy or Crunchy Eggs®--America's favorite deviled egg, now fried.