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What Else???
10 Things That Are Great &
10 Things We Hate

Free Italian Moving
Sure he may be "connected," but if he is offering trays of Italian (eye-talian) food and rolls that last for a week, I am there. Mama Mia. Everything about moving sucks: your CDs are out of alphabetical order, boxes everywhere, dust, cleaning, you forget how to get to work, sleeping in a sleeping bag for two weeks 'cause you're too lazy to put your bed together, and you have to drive so slow around corners or everthing will fall to the street.
Free Pie Bad River-Guides
Similar scenario, but with out the mob-connection. They can kill you. That is serious. Drugs and the river just don't work well together.
Anna Kournikova Deadlines
I watch tennis for the articles, honestly. These things suck, period.
Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Lobster With Shrimp Sauce
Free polariod and Free weiney whistle! Whatever you do, don't order this. It sucks A, big time.
Tabasco On Eggs Too many free scotches
I forgot what a friggin' treat this stuff is. Yum, Yum! Leads to late late night and early morning hangy over that hits you three hours after you get up (so deceiving, so so deceiving).
Mu Shu Broken mail-order wind chimes
Chinese burritos, baby. And plum sauce kicks A too. Sorry, Ma, but your Christmas is cancelled!
Coca-Cola Fridge Pack Christmas gifts ordered online
How'd it take 'em 80 years to think up this great thing? (Now copy it, Budweiser!) They haven't come in the mail yet and it is 5 days before Christmas.
Billiards Your favorite type of red pen being out in the supply room
Such a fun game I'm sure!
Minute Maid Lemonade MTA strike threats
A tasty summertime treat! (when ice-cold) Could shut down NYC.
CD Burners Kids between the ages of 2 and 3 saying the word "awesome"
It's like we never have to buy another CD again. Well, actually someone does. Damn, my theory is wrong. Awesome. Where do they pick that stuff up?

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