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What Else???
From the desk of the EDITOR...

The EXCLUSIVE interview with... Drumroll, please...


321: Hi Monica, thanks for coming.
MK: My pleasure.
321: First question--do you want a Diet Coke?
MK: No, thank you.
321: You're welcome, Monny. Can I call you Monny? Second question.
MK: Sure, go ahead.
321: We here at The 321 love your hair. What's the upkeep?
MK: That's a trade secret.
321: Bummer. So, would you prefer a regular Coke?
MK: I actually gave up caffeine a couple of years ago. I made a lot of changes to my diet and started exercising more.
MK: No, not really.
321: What do you drink? In its place? So you used to drink it, right? Monny, seriously!
MK: Oh my! Well, where shall I begin? I suppose I drink a lot of water now.
321: Would you like one of those Gatorade super waters?
MK: The ones with the very few calories?
321: Yeah, I forget what they're called. I think we still have a few of those in the back. I could go get you one.
MK: That'd be great. I really like the blackberry flavor.
321: Cool. I'll go check. Hang on a sec.

Begin Hidden Camera Footage
15:29:47 >> interviewer leaves the room.
15:32:01 >> Monica shifts in her seat.
15:35:15 >> Monica pulls a compact from purse and fixes make up. Touches hair.
15:36:08 >> Monica coughs.
15:41:03 >> Monica puts ESPN magazine on coffee table into her purse.
15:45:01 >> Monica makes a call on her cell phone.
15:49:56 >> Monica hangs up phone, stands up, and stretches her legs.
15:51:07 >> interviewer re-enters the room.
End Hidden Camera Footage

321: Here you go [PANTING AND HANDING MK THE DRINK]. We didn't have any, so I ran up to Quick Trip?
MK: You didn't have to do that. You really shouldn't have.
321: Well, it's done. Hope you enjoy it. Damn, I can barely breathe.


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